A perfect balance of art and science, your smile communicates your emotions, your happiness. It also indicates your overall health and wellbeing. When you smile, you see a beautiful, natural blend of form and function.

You deserve the care of an experienced team that will restore and protect your health, while enhancing the beauty of your smile. You need both expertise and artistry… and you’ve found them!


Your enjoyable dental experience depends on your comfort and safety. Putnam Dental Arts utilizes the latest technological advances in dental equipment and techniques to ensure your satisfaction with your visit and your continued excellent health.

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)
We offer digital radiographs (X-rays), which use less radiation and which are safer for you than traditional film-based X-rays. Radiographs are a necessary diagnostic tool in the field of dentistry. More than half of each tooth is hidden and surrounded by bone, and the only way to truly evaluate the health of your teeth and the bone surrounding your teeth is through these necessary, diagnostic radiographs. At Putnam Dental Arts, we research the latest trends in technology to find the solutions that best promote your overall health, safety, and comfort.
IntraOral Cameras
Quit relying on the use of small mirrors and flashlights or on pulling back your tender cheek to get a better look at your teeth. With an intraoral camera, you can see exactly what your dentist sees during treatment planning and during dental procedures. You will have a greater understanding of both your oral health and of our recommended treatments. Our dental team uses this technology to discuss treatment options with you, and they are happy to answer any questions you may have.
Waterlase® technology combines laser energy and water into a dental tool that works without heat, pressure, or vibration. This laser-energized spray of water is used for a wide variety of hard and soft tissue procedures, including cavity preparation, removal of decay, and gum recontouring. You will notice that you will require less anesthetic and will experience less discomfort―all while receiving a higher quality of care. Putnam Dental Arts is committed to technology with your comfort and well-being in mind.
Digital Photography
Digital photography gives your dentist instant images to use for cosmetic imaging or to keep on file to track your progress. Digital images can be electronically saved and are more efficient than traditional photographs that show less detail and that must be taken off-site for development.
Laser Therapy
Originally FDA-approved in 1990, the use of laser technology in providing state-of-the-art dental treatment has only grown. Today, a myriad of procedures from cosmetic to restorative to general dentistry can be completed with the aid of advanced instruments that utilize laser technology. And, the beneficiary of this amazing technology is you, the patient!

As many people know, lasers are simply focused wavelengths of light. In dental applications, these lasers provide your dentist with an amazing degree of control and precision. Plus, the variety of different lasers in use allows your dentist to choose the tool that best fits the treatment at hand. The benefits to you are numerous, including:

  • Faster healing and reduced need for stitches and sutures
  • Preservation of more of the healthy structures surrounding the treatment site
  • Less discomfort and less need for anesthesia
  • Reduced risk of post-procedure issues like bacterial infection

In the past, many people associated the use of dental lasers with cosmetic dental treatments. In truth, dental laser technology can be utilized in a wide array of dental procedures, such as:

  • Gum and other soft tissue reshaping―lasers can be used to reduce the amount of gums that can be seen in a “gummy” smile. They can also be used to alter the contour of other areas within the mouth as necessary, such as spots that cause discomfort while wearing dentures.
  • Cavity treatment―in situations that traditionally call for the use of a drill, your dentist may instead be able to use laser technology to prepare your tooth for a filling. Not only does this lessen the need for anesthesia, but also it has the added benefit of killing bacteria that may be present near the filling site.
  • Frenectomy, tumor removal, etc.―some procedures, such as “untying” the tongue or removal of benign tumors can be completed with less pain and discomfort than ever before thanks to laser technology. Children especially benefit from this feature.
  • Tooth whitening―there are several brand-name whitening treatments on the market that utilize laser technology. The laser increases the effectiveness of the bleaching solution, giving you a brighter, whiter smile in less treatment time.
  • Biopsies―the precision of laser technology is particularly important when it comes to diagnosing suspicious areas that need close inspection and further evaluation by your dentist.

In every case, the versatility of laser technology means your dentist can select the perfect instrument for the treatment needed. After a complete examination and a thorough presentation of your treatment options, your dentist will select the best type of laser technology for your unique treatment plan. You will likely be given special glasses to wear during your treatment as your dentist directs the laser toward the affected area of your mouth, completing your procedure. You may be surprised at how quickly dental treatment can be completed when it involves laser technology, and you will love the way it causes less discomfort and anxiety compared to traditional instruments. Laser dentistry isn’t the future…it’s now!



When you damage or lose one or more teeth, your dentist can offer several treatment options for restoring your smile. These options could include crowns, bridges, dentures or other prosthetics.

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